and it's a good one. Obviously it's good, it's your idea. It's such a good idea, millions of people are going to use it everyday. But it needs personality. You want your users to be able to find themselves with your product and feel like their emotions are reflected in your platform. Online communication these days can feel a little stunted at times. You need something that goes beyond words and allows your users to instantly express how they feel. Emojis and stickers can be the perfect solution for your users seeking their identity through your product.

Blues Breakdown Stickers - Facebook Messenger



Your idea needs to captivate your audience quickly. Maybe your idea is a bit more informative. Something big is happening and people need to know about it! You have the data that will inspire growth and be the call to action. But there’s a lot of data and time is measured in clicks, not minutes anymore. In an age where the difference between action and complacency are just a few taps on the phone, you want something that visually gives context, accurately represents your info and sparks people's interest. Illustrative infographics can be the hook that informs people and keeps them with you long enough to click that donation button.

A Brief History of Time Infographic - Column Five Media



It’s critical for users to understand your service and therefore your voice. The visuals you present to your customers should accurately reflect the tone and style of your business. Whether you’re a band that broods in a listeners earbuds at night or a brand that wants to be the brightness in peoples mornings, it’s essential your visuals speak in your most honest voice. Good design and illustration can be the crucial asset that immerses your audience before they even try your product.

Funeral Pyre - Ourfathers



Sometimes visuals need to take that extra step, go the extra mile to really make clear what they’re explaining. Sometimes static images just don't cut it when it comes to the story you’re trying to tell. You want your product to charm and inspire emotion in your customers. Motion graphics can bring the energy of action to your website or platform. Animation can breath life and excitement into your product. Sure, you can tell your users what you’re offering, but why not show them in a format that informs and inspires at the same time? Whether it's an GIF for your online article or an explainer video for your channel, your ideas deserve to be scripted, storyboarded and animated! 

Change - Peephole Magazine



You know your idea like the back of your hand. You’ve spent the hours researching, you’ve done your time with the problem that your product is solving. But often it’s not enough to tell people you know your stuff. People need to see it and they need to see it honestly. Therefore it’s critical that your brand visuals are as informed as you are. Have a project steeped in historical context? Technical process is key to the success of your idea? Illustration demands the same intense research you've done to ensure your offerings are accurately reflected in your visuals.

The Story of Al - ClassDojo



You want your users to feel better after spending time on your platform. They should feel inspired and uplifted after they turn off their phone or shut their laptop. Worthwhile content ensures satisfaction. It should be wrapped in visuals that complement and take your users where they need to go. Illustration acts as a lens that focuses exactly what it is that makes your product special. Illustration isn’t just art, it’s communication. Its clarity that has the power to transport people's perspectives exactly where you feel they should be.

Travel Painting - Personal Work


I’m an Illustrator. I’m responsible for the style, narrative and tangibility of an idea. My art is the conduit for meaning and connection with a products users or a platforms audience. The work that I do can mean the difference between a users interest or indifference. My portfolio is versatile and spans many different types of styles, clients and applications. What I produce is always of a quality I’m proud to stand by.

My trade is illustration but my life is travel. Seeing new places and meeting new people is the spring where my inspiration and energy comes from. While I consider the San Francisco Bay Area my base, Southeast Asia is currently my studio. I’m an adept digital nomad, never far from a place to work and always respond to emails within 24 hours.

I tend to work with people who understand the balance between autonomy and collaboration. I get excited to work with people who celebrate the design process and value creative exploration. Above all, I love working with people who have a story to tell. If this sounds like you and you like what you see, check out my design packages and lets start a dialogue.



Good for small scale visuals or one time projects. Things like website banners, spot illustrations or wireframes fit into this package nicely. Already know exactly what you want? This package is perfect for you!


• Project familiarization

• Detailed decision-making briefs

  • One round of concept and ideation

• Three rounds of edits

• Complete design execution



Perfect for projects like band art, advertisements (both print and web), sales decks, infographics or storyboards. Have some good ideas but need help fleshing them out? This package is great for projects that are still incubating.


• Project familiarization

 • Detailed decision-making briefs

 • Two rounds of concept and ideation

 • Four rounds of edits

 • Complete design execution



Ideal for big campaigns and long term projects. Are you open to new ideas and comfortable with exploration. Package 3 is perfect then! Have a existing company style guide that requires strict adherence? Let’s start collaborating! 


• Project familiarization

• Detailed decision-making briefs

 • Research and development

 • Three rounds of concept and ideation

• Five rounds of edits

 • Complete design execution


Have a super mega huge project? Need onsite availability? Let’s talk about my full service support!

"My team and I feel so fortunate to work with David regularly on one of our biggest projects - it's been a truly rewarding partnership, and hard to imagine someone who brings more thought, skill, and creativity to their work. The graphics and illustration we do require a balance of structure and creative freedom that David has shown from the start, and he has always been a true pleasure to work and communicate with, someone we truly consider part of the team. I'd recommend him without hesitation and hope to continue our collaboration into the future!"

Sara Barbour - Producer at Column Five Media

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