The Road - Watercolor

The Road was directly inspired by Cormac McCarthy's 2007 novel of the same name. I immersed myself in the source material, studying stark post-apocalyptic visuals and literature. The Road is painted in watercolor, utilizing a graphic style to contrast with the grim subject matter of the the novel. This piece was the recipient of the Barbara Bradely Appreciator's Award at the 2015 AAU Spring Show, a Runner Up in the 2015 Creative Quarterly illustration competition and a finalist in the Society of Illustrators 2015 Student Competition in New York City.

Luchocop Pin-up - Yann Lee's Luchocop

A comic pin up created for the comic book Luchocop

by Yann Lee. Adobe Photoshop.

I Feel Darkness - Ink and Marker

I Feel Darkness is a sharp and moody piece, utilizing pen and inked mixed media techniques to bring to life a dark and brooding scene. This piece was awarded Best of Show 1st Runner Up at the 2015 AAU Spring Show.

Blues - Adobe Illustrator

Blues was a project concerned with creating illustrations out of individual letters that reflected the meaning of the entire word. Blues was a Runner Up in the Creative Quarterly 2015 illustration competition.

Flatlands - Digital Media

Flatlands was a brief yet exaggerated study of Midwestern landscapes. Done in Adobe Photoshop.

Tontin - Ink and Marker

Tontin was a small compositional study for a personal project. Done in copic marker, pen and ink. 

In Transit - Digital Media

In Transit focuses on the mood an atmosphere of public transit in the Bay Area. Using Adobe Illustrator, I sought to evoke a calm yet stylized feel for the subject matter of the composition.

2016 Sketchbook Selection - Mixed Media

Excerpts from various sketchbooks. Reflective of my thought process.

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