I’m an Illustrator who loves a good story. I was born and raised in Iowa, got my creative roots in the San Francisco Bay Area and have been country hopping since mid-2017. I’m obsessed with good stories and love to meet people with different experiences from my own. My Wacom tablet, my paints and my sketchbook are my preferred tools and I love exploring new styles and techniques to tell those stories best.

I've been known to look for boots in Milan, spend the night with farmers in rural India and enjoy a cigar in Tokyo. I'm often a stranger but never for long. Although I’m a digital nomad at the moment, my junk is in a box in a basement in Oakland, CA so I’ll definitely be coming back to the Bay Area.

I’ve had the privilege to work with startups, Fortune 500 companies, breweries, design agencies, non-profits, bands, comic book artists and my mom (featured extensively in the Lantz Family Refrigerator Gallery). Check out some of my selected clients below. Want to know a bit more about my story? Check out my Instagram to see all my paints, sketches, Polaroids and fun projects I work on from time to time.



"My team and I feel so fortunate to work with David regularly on one of our biggest projects - it's been a truly rewarding partnership, and hard to imagine someone who brings more thought, skill, and creativity to their work. The graphics and illustration we do require a balance of structure and creative freedom that David has shown from the start, and he has always been a true pleasure to work and communicate with, someone we truly consider part of the team. I'd recommend him without hesitation and hope to continue our collaboration into the future!"

Sara Barbour - Producer at Column Five Media

"I recently had the pleasure to work with David Henry Lantz on the publication of the digital magazine application Peephole 2.0. Throughout its production, David provided thoughtfully researched, beautifully designed and illustrated content, employing animation and interactivity where tastefully suitable. I found him talented, creative, and essential to our project- a person you can count on. I would work with him again without hesitation."

David Ball - Art Director for Peephole Magazine

"David is an amazing wellspring of knowledge and creativity. We hired David for a 12 piece book encapsulating the difficult concept of Dante's Inferno. We gave vague references to what we wanted and asked him to create a look and feel for a different world. We didn't want the typical "hellscape" that goes alongside most work like this.

David took the time to iterate on each scene, writing down rough concepts of his ideas and feelings for each scene and how they mapped together- all the while being very collaborative and welcoming to our thought process. He would come back and show even more imaginative concepts after each meeting. To say we were impressed would be an understatement.

He then proceeded to do color studies on the concepts (pulling from random "feels" and images I dug up on the internet for a mood board) - he narrowed down his palate and started sketching rough ideas of layout and in small thumbnails so he could easily maneuver from idea to idea if it wasn't turning out the way he wanted.

He is a perfectionist at his peek but allows for input in a constructive way for a better result on what we both wanted in the end. All in all - we will continue to hire David for work whenever we can. He is an invaluable asset to anyone he works with and inspired us to think outside the box and really expand our horizons to something that we both could be proud of.

Thanks David for your amazing work!"

Jerame Joel Barriga - Sr. UI/UX Designer at TicketWeb

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