I worked on the Spring 2016 edition of online periodical Peephole Magazine as a contributor, creating illustrations, both animated and static as well as writing a few articles. The highlight project with Peephole was the article Plight. Plight was the culmination of a few months of determination with photographer Santosh Korthiwada, surmounting in a detailed interview with Ahmad Rashid Salim, Imam at the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California in Oakland, CA. Ahmad detailed his experiences volunteering at refugee camps in Greece while Santosh and I generated the content to help tell his story.

Plight was bookended by two animated illustrations which highlighted the starkness of migrant movement and hope to find a place to safely call home. Adobe Photoshop was used to create the animations while Santosh’s masterful photography continued Rashid’s story throughout the article.

I had the privilege to create the cover of the Spring edition of Peephole, the theme revolving around the concept of “change” I created a continuously looping animation that morphed and hovered between organic and structural to emphasize the idea of “change”. Download the Peephole app on the Apple App Store to view all editions of Peephole. And please visit Santosh's website to view his online gallery.


Plight - Motion graphics illustration for Peephole Magazine; Adobe Photoshop

Plight - Motion graphics illustration for Peephole Magazine; Adobe Photoshop

Plight - Article layout for the iPad version of Peephole Magazine; Adobe Indesign

Change - Cover for Peephole Magazine

"I recently had the pleasure to work with David Henry Lantz on the publication of the digital magazine application Peephole 2.0. Throughout its production, David provided thoughtfully researched, beautifully designed and illustrated content, employing animation and interactivity where tastefully suitable. I found him talented, creative, and essential to our project- a person you can count on. I would work with him again without hesitation."

David Ball - Art Director for Peephole Magazine

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